EADOC Business Partners

EADOC business partners provide additional products and services that complement EADOC’s fast, secure, easy to use collaborative construction management software.

EADOC software is easy to use, and is the industry’s first product to integrate cost control functions with document management for the entire construction project team. Save time, save money, and mitigate risk by using EADOC software. Bring the entire project team on board because with EADOC, efficiency, not cost, increases as more users are brought on to the system.

ebid systems

eBid Systems

stenstrom group

Stenstrom Group



EADOC Education Partners

Education partners using EADOC’s web based construction management application in their construction management curriculum. EADOC provides each of the partners with access to their own EADOC accounts where the construction management instructors can create projects for their students.

This program gives schools with construction management programs access to EADOC’s web based construction management software without the hassles or costs of purchasing hardware, software, or user licenses. We also provide free training for the instructor. In return, we ask you to commit to participate for a year, and provide a link back to EADOC on your website. If you are interested in joining the program please contact us.


Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Chico State Construction Management


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Construction


Weber State University


Fresno State Construction Management


Northern Arizona University