About Us

About Us

The Company

EADOC, LLC was acquired by Bentley Systems in 2015. The company’s flagship product, also called EADOC, was renamed as ProjectWise Construction Management in January, 2017.

EADOC was founded by Eric Law in 2006 to bring cloud-based construction management solutions to the trillion-dollar, worldwide construction industry. The EADOC application has an established customer base ranging from small cities and water districts to some of the largest Construction Management firms and municipalities in the North America and APAC. EADOC is flexible, easy to use, and designed for Facility Owners and Construction Managers.


Eric Law, Founder of EADOC Software

The idea for EADOC’s web-based, collaborative construction management application came from Eric Law’s experience working for a large contractor on commercial and industrial projects as a project engineer. Combining his knowledge of the construction industry with his experience in the software industry Mr. Law built the first EADOC prototype. This prototype was used to build the EADOC application that was launched in February of 2006.

EADOC is a fast, secure, easy-to-use construction management system, that allows customers to reduce project delays, rework and overhead costs on their capital projects. EADOC is the first and only application that allows for true collaboration across a capital project’s entire project team, and integrates cost controls with document management.