Could You Use More Free Time?


How Much is Your Free Time Worth?

There are several new online calculators that are helping people put a monetary value on their free time. Regardless of what you think your time is worth, we want to help you have more of it. How?

Say goodbye to mind-numbing Excel spreadsheets, and shake-off your email chains!

There are many ways EADOC saves time for capital project managers and their teams, but here are some of the coolest:

Get rid of Excel spreadsheets for manually tracking RFIs and submittals.
Instead of wasting hours on manually tracking RFIs and submittals, wouldn’t you prefer an automated review process with a bullet-proof audit trail? EADOC automatically tracks all outstanding documents and who they are pending on.

Get automated notifications when something needs your attention.
You can get notifications that tell you when a document waiting on you, or on others. Notifications help teams significantly speed-up the review process for project documents.

Eliminate email for project correspondence.
Email is easily lost and very hard to track. Wouldn’t you prefer a system with built-in messaging, where you can link messages to assets, locations and documents—regardless of size? EADOC helps you find what you need quickly and makes sure no project correspondence is ever lost. Also, the full audit trail makes it easy to re-trace your steps, even after the project is completed.

Get rid of Excel spreadsheets for managing project budgets.
Instead of manually managing your project’s finances in a bunch of complex spreadsheets, how about using EADOC’s integrated cost controls? For example, every time a contractor submits a payment request, the amount is automatically reflected in project budget. This saves time and eliminates the error-prone process of re-keying financial data.

Submit daily logs to EADOC with a tablet.
As we covered in in last blog entry, inspectors can save time by using a tablet for taking notes, taking photos and submitting the report. This removes the need for double entry of data, and saves time in moving image files around. Inspectors can submit daily logs immediately from the field using jobsite Wi-Fi or cellular network—making the information available to owners and managers, instantly.

This list barely scratches the surface in terms of ways EADOC can save you and your team’s valuable time. Speaking of time, isn’t it time for you to try EADOC on your next project?