Using a Tablet for Daily Logs


Can Daily Logs Be Fun? Try Using a Tablet

Daily logs are a well-known part of construction management and an important way for owners and project managers to track the progress of their projects. Traditionally, an inspector takes written notes and shoots pictures with his camera or smartphone while on the job site. Then they must go find a computer, type in their notes into an electronic format, and attach their photos.

Benefits of Using a Tablet for Daily Logs

Submitting daily logs to EADOC with a tablet can save inspectors time, and get the information into the hands of owners and managers faster. Inspectors can use the same device for taking notes, taking photos and submitting the report. This removes the need for double entry of data, and saves time in moving image files around. If the jobsite has a Wi-Fi internet connection, inspectors can also submit daily logs immediately from the field, instead of waiting to get to an office network.

Most tablets now come with very good speech recognition software. So, to add a bit of fun to the process, inspectors can use the tablet to dictate their notes right into an EADOC daily log form!

Here’s an example of an EADOC daily log form on an iPad.