Connecting Project Information to Improve Control and Reduce Risk

Can you report on the relationship between a field condition that was not on a drawing that generated an RFI that resulted in a schedule delay that turned into a change order without spending hours with an excel spreadsheet?

If not the above presentation by EADOC’s Eric Law is for you. Learn how to control project data.  Large volumes of project information are generated on today’s capital projects resulting in ever greater need to track information relationships so users can find relevant information quickly. Learn how tracking information relationships not only makes teams more efficient but also reduces the Risk of cost or schedule impacts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about efficiently capturing high quality project information and associated relationships
  • Learn about controlling the flow of this information and public vs private information relationships
  • Advanced Reporting on these relationships to prevent and defend against claims.
  • Learn how connecting cost, schedule activities, and documents can improve collaboration and reduce risk

2014 Fall_PowerPoint EADOC