CMAA 2014 Recap

hidden vineThank you for joining us at Hidden Vine!

We had a wonderful time Sunday seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. A special thank you to Ron Perkins (HDR), Mike Warriner (Carollo), and Pete McKean (Townsend Management) for their insightful presentations.

At EADOC we are proud to be the only construction management software to integrate the entire project team. From the owner to the designers and subs, EADOC allows you to customize permissions so each user has access only to information relevant to them, while tracking the entire project flow.

Want to share how EADOC can optimize your project flow? Sign up for a demo here.

Announcing Our ipad mini Trivia Winner

Congratulations to Michael Langen with HDR for answering the most questions correctly in our EADOC Trivia contest.

We had a close second, Adrian Cohen with DLR Group. As a runner up we are awarding Adrian and his team a one year subscription to EADOC for one project.

Congrats to you both! Interested in knowing the answers to our contest? See below.

hidden vine2


San Francisco’s CMAA National Conference & Trade Show ReCap:

photo 2 (1)There were over 35 breakout sessions this year that delivered expertise and perspectives on such topics as leadership, risk management, and the latest technologies. Some highlights were NASA’S Adam Steltzer’s presentation on what it takes to assemble a great team for a complex task and the Associated General Contractors’, Ken Simpson, latest market outlook.

It is exciting to see the surge of growth in technology, and are honored to sit at the forefront with EADOC.


P.S. Interested in giving us feedback regarding our EADOC Mobile Prototype we are developing? Email jackie.morck@eadocsoftware.

Trivia Contest Answers:

  1. What was the largest project budget EADOC was utilized on?  $1.2 B
  2. What was the smallest project budget EADOC was utilized on? $54,000
  3. What was the most active number of team members ever connected through a single EADOC project? 204 Users
  4. The most projects a single Client has ever used EADOC on was? 220 projects
  5. So far, the highest number of documents associated with a single EADOC project is? 6,663 documents
  6. What is the most number of submittals that have ever gone through a single EADOC project? 1,713 submittals
  7. What is the most number of RFI documents that have gone through a single EADOC project? 788 RFI’s