Swinerton Management and Consulting Case Study

Senior Construction Manager, Glenn Granada, was tasked with finding a web-based management system to manage the day-to-day requirements of a new, $21M project—the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Building in Martinez, CA.



Swinerton Management required a Web-based project management software to manage day-to-day project needs and improve the overall flow and efficiency.


Swinerton and the County agreed that choosing EADOC would offer the most value in terms of: number of project control functions, distribution of users, ease of use, technical support, modification of application to specific project needs, and of course cost.


EADOC exceeded expectations in managing the tasks of the Contra Costa District Attorneys Building at Swinerton Management. EADOC kept the project systematic and efficient by eliminating the need of paper shuffling, also allowing Swinerton to follow their commitment of being the Premier Green Building Contractor.

Swinterton Management continues to use EADOC on projects and looks forward to watching EADOC become the industry standard.

Mr. Granada found that Web based management systems (WBMS) are becoming a standard on construction projects. He compared various WBMS products. EADOC provided the most value, ease of use, technical support, modification of application to specific project needs and minimal cost for Mr. Granada to complete the project in a timely manner.

Effectively Do Business And Be Green

Swinerton Management and Consulting is committed to being recognized as The Premier Green Building Contractor in the West. EADOC eliminated the need for Swinerton Management to shuffle paperwork, creating a green solution to their project management needs.

EADOC allowed us to continue in our preservation of natural resources by greatly reducing our waste and costs of sending large documents overnight, said Mr. Granada.

Ease Of Use

Having been first time users of a WBMS, EADOC immediately provided system training for the entire project team as well as making themselves readily available to promptly address any project needs and answer questionsmaking the integration of the EADOC program seamless.

EADOCs software has not only streamlined our operations in managing day to day tasks but has also provided a collaborative tool with which to manage all major issues in a clear and prompt manner, explained Mr. Granada.

Everyone On The Same Page

One of the biggest benefits of EADOC has been the ability for everyone involved in the project to access project information from any location in real-time.

With EADOC, I no longer had to wait for approvals from client to contractor to design team and construction manager by snail mail. All submittals could be read, and approved in an instant, making the project flow efficiently, said Mr. Granada

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