Swinerton Builders Washington Hospital Expansion


When Swinerton Builders was selected to build the $115M Washington Hospital expansion in Fremont, CA, their goal was to manage the complex project and remain committed to being the premier green building contractor in the west. With cost savings, ease of use and collaboration paramount in their decision making, Swinerton selected EADOC construction management software for the 71,000 square-foot project.


Project Name:

Washington Hospital (Fremont, CA) $115-million expansion.


Coordinate more than 60 sub-contractors in an efficient and paperless environment.


Improved efficiency and communication.

Saved more than $400,000 in paperless solution.

With more than 60 subcontractors on the project team, EADOC’s web-based, collaborative construction management system allowed Swinerton to create a paperless project where the entire project team had instant access to up-to-date project information. Submittals and RFIs were submitted quickly and efficiently allowing project engineers to review and forward information to the design team for feedback. EADOC’s ability to integrate the entire project team within a single system reduced downtime, saving time and money on the overall project. EADOC’s unique ‘send groups’ feature helped the project superintendent save time by allowing him to combine daily reports and send them electronically to team members with a single click. Swinerton also used EADOC to organize meetings with the project’s subcontractors, tracking and recording meeting minutes online for fast and easy retrieval.

“With EADOC, we could link RFIs easily, which was extremely valuable. Thanks to EADOC, inspections on the project went faster and smoother, and minimized project delays.” - Robert Axton, Swinerton Senior Superintendent

Having electronic project documents also proved beneficial for the inspectors from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. Per Robert Axton, Swinerton Senior Superintendent, “If the inspector wants to know the location of every anchor bolt below the floor, I can press a button and get everything related to the floor from the EADOC software.” Using EADOC, Swinerton was able to link together all the records related to a project element, and retrieve it with the click of a button. “With EADOC, we could link RFIs easily, which was extremely valuable,” said Axton. “Thanks to EADOC, inspections on the project went faster and smoother, and minimized project delays.”

By integrating EADOC’s collaborative construction management software, Swinerton achieved their goal of managing this multi-million dollar project in the most effective manner, realizing time and cost savings of more than $400,000. Staying true to their commitment to green building, Swinerton estimates that the paperless system saved approximately 1.3 million 8 ½” x 11” sheets of paper or about 198 trees!

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