Electronic Data Exchange Specification for Design and Construction Projects

Over the last couple years the AIA and Consensus Docs have started moving forward with specification for the exchange of electronic information. These are excellent tools when incorporating the use of web based construction management tools into your project delivery process. Here is what each group has released so far:

ConsensusDOCS ECP Addendum

The goal of the multi-disciplined drafters was to create documents that best place the Parties to a construction contract in a position to complete a project on time and on budget with the highest possibility of avoiding claims.


AIA Digital Protocol documents

As the use of building information modeling (BIM) and other types of Digital Data has continued to evolve in the design and construction industry in recent years, the industry has begun to ask practical questions regarding how these concepts and tools should be implemented.


Article about electronic documents comparing EJCDC, AIA, and Consensus Docs

This overview examines these and other recently issued construction industry contract forms that address project electronic communications. It provides guidance about legal issues that the careful practitioner should address to increase the potential for project success using these powerful tools, including recommendations based on experience derived from a number of completed construction projects that have embraced communications technology and administration using a paperless (or substantially paper-limited) process.