City of Emeryville Case Study

The City of Emeryville Public Works Department faced a time crunch from the start of its recent breakwater project at the Emeryville Marina. Within a window of eight months, the project required driving hundreds of piles, pouring 720 feet of fishing pier, rebuilding a windsurf/kayak launching ramp, and the demolition of the existing timber fishing pier.



The City of Emeryville’s Public Works Department required a time-saving approach to project management for a breakwater redevelopment at the Emeryville Marina.


EADOCs web-based project management software provided the City of Emeryvilles Public Works Department with an instant, reliable, and secure connection to the project site and the project team. In an easy to use format, the entire project team enjoyed access to the inspectors daily logs, submittal process, memos, and more.


Saving time by eliminating the lengthy process of the paper chase, EADOC kept the City of Emeryvilles breakwater project organized and on schedule.


EADOCs intuitive interface improves employee productivity and project visibility.

Changing The Way The Construction Industry Communicates

One glance at the desk of Maurice Kaufman, City of Emeryvilles Senior Civil Engineer, and its clear that the Public Works Department doesnt need another piece of paper in its midst. Enter EADOC, the first project management software used by the Public Works Department, according to Kaufman, a 17-year veteran of the department. Its a lot quicker than shuffling around piles of paper. Everything is automatic. In the past, we faxed or mailed or used Fedex overnight to communicate through huge documents, explained Kaufman.

Instant Access Anywhere, All In Real-Time

The ability to access project information through EADOC from any Internet-enabled computer and review the status of a document at any time lured Kaufman to his laptop in his off hours. You can be at home and get right in. Suddenly you have an entire project at your fingertips. I can only imagine how extremely helpful this would be while overseeing multiple projects. Kaufman has recommended using EADOC for the City of Emeryvilles next project.

Ease Of Use

Having never used a product of its kind before, Kaufman said EADOC took him a minimal amount of time to master. After a short time, the product becomes intuitive. EADOCs product was able to handle all the submittals. I simply read it and forward it. In addition to using EADOC for the submittal process, Kaufman found that the memos flying back and forth kept the project moving faster. Kaufman noted other EADOC features which impressed him, such as viewing entire memos through his City of Emeryville email account and the ability to upload pictures with daily logs of the job site.


EADOC provides a fast, secure, easy to use web-based project management software that reduces construction delays, rework, and overhead costs. With unlimited users, a project team gains instant access to all the information communicated from design through construction. Visit or call 510.903.9658 for more information.

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