Carollo Engineers and City of Henderson Case Study


Resident Engineer Kevin Love, needed to find a Web based construction management application capable of connecting his team on their new $93,000,000 Southwest Water Reclamation Facility (SWRF) in Henderson, Nev.



Carollo Engineers required a web-based management application to effectively manage the Southwest Water Reclamation Facility project.


A comparative analysis of Web based management systems showed EADOC offers the greatest efficiency in terms of daily communication, inter-project participation, ease of use and most importantly, application design and cost.


EADOC exceeded the expectations of Carollo Engineers and the City of Henderson in managing the SWRF project. EADOC created project-wide efficiency by enabling electronic information submissions, real time remote viewing and editing and overall simplified day-to-day activity in line with Carollo Engineers’ commitment to lean and mean project execution.

Carollo Engineers continues to use EADOC on projects whenever possible and recommends the software to their clients.

Faced with a client preference for management software use, Mr. Love set out to complete a comparative analysis of Web based management systems (WBMS) capable of such a task. EADOC met and exceeded Mr. Love’s expectations providing superior ease of use, communication between team members and technical support necessary to complete a project of this scale.

Lean And Mean Execution

As leaders in the national water/wastewater industry, Carollo Engineers prides itself on simple, sophisticated execution and flexibility to each project’s demands. EADOC helped the company communicate quickly to team members around the country, effectively creating a network environment for everything from basic day-to-day activities to important details on infrastructure design. “All of the info for the project is shared through a database,” Mr. Love explained. “With everyone viewing, tracking, linking, and logging changes on a document almost nothing slips through the cracks.”

“The ability to submit documents electronically is a fundamental time saver,” he went on to say. “EADOC has changed the way we communicate.”

Leader Of The Pack

Having tested a plethora of WBMS in anticipation of the SWRF project, the folks at Carollo Engineers were so impressed with the capabilities of EADOC’s software that the company decided to use the program on several smaller projects for the same client in Nevada.

“EADOC surpassed its competitors because of the care taken in the creation of the software,” said Mr. Love. “Most Web based management software is built for contractors and then tweaked in an attempt to fit the Owner’s construction management. EADOC’s software is built for me as a construction manager, and works to connect my entire team. It has been and will continue to be my software of choice.”

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