Getting Started: Transitioning From Paper Processes To Collaborative Project Management

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Presenter: Eric Law, Founder and CEO, EADOC, LLC

This webinar demonstrates a number of efficiencies and risk mitigation measures possible by transitioning from paper project documents to an accessible electronic application.

  • Getting started – no need to recreate processes when transitioning from paper to paperless
  • Connecting the project team to improve communication securely from anywhere at any time
  • Controlling the flow of project information like RFIs, submittals and drawings
  • Getting a complete picture by linking documents and communications to related materials and info
  • Reducing risk by managing project information and finances in the same place
  • Managing risk better with just-in-time risk management tracking
  • Complete industry-specific contract management functionality
  • No-fuss create-your-own graphical and relationship reporting
  • Q&A