Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2013 – Vol 6, Issue 1

The Bottom Line…

The software solution you select must reduce the costs of managing projects. Gone are the days of spending six figures on an Enterprise software solution that delivers dashboards, charts and gauges without providing any cost savings in labor. Many of these Enterprise class tools require you to hire additional staff to enter the data in the application that drives these reports. If all you wanted were fancy charts and reports, your staff could do this in Excel at a fraction of the cost. Today’s proactive project managers need to be looking at solutions that can be deployed quickly, reduce labor costs associated with data entry and deliver unparalleled accountability. To accomplish this, you need a collaborative project management application that captures data from your project participants. Combing the power of the Internet with today’s web based collaborative tools allows you to eliminate costly data re-entry.

The majority of the data that drives the management reports is coming from Contractors, Architects, and Engineers participating in the client’s projects. Traditionally, this data…
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2013 Webinar Series:
CMAA Project Information Management from Concept to Completion
April 4, 2013
Presenters: Charlie Nyman and Jeff Morgan from Brown & Caldwell, Eric Law
Description: Please join us for the first of EADOC’s 2013 Webinar series. Participants will learn about innovative ways to manage the large amounts of information generated throughout the design and construction phases of their project, how this information is transitioned between phases, and the value this information has to owners during and after the project is completed. To register, follow this link: http://cmaanet.org/webinars.

CMAA Leadership Forum
May 5-7 in New Orleans, Louisiana

COAA 2013 Spring Owners Leadership Conference
May 8-10 in Atlanta, Georgia

New Features

Dashboard Maps

Users can now add project maps to their dashboards. Users can choose to display project locations, projects and areas on their maps. For mapping project locations users will need to enter the detailed GPS coordinates for each location. Learn more about this feature on our blog:http://blog.eadocsoftware.com/2013/03/project-location-mapping-eadoc/

Dashboard Maps

Allowance Order and Preliminary Allowance Order

These new features allow Construction Managers to authorize and track the expenditures of allowance order items from a contractors’ schedule of values. For more information, visit our blog.

Upcoming New Features

Picture viewer enhancements.

New Customer Corner

EADOC has been chosen by the City of Sacramento-Department of Utilities for managing a $145,000,000 Water Treatment Plants Rehabilitation Project.

Vanir selected EADOC for the 5 year $63M Newark Unified School District Bond Program project.

HNTB-KY will be using EADOC for their $6,100,000 Louisville Regional Airport Authority Roadway Project.

State of Iowa has selected EADOC through a competitive RFP process to manage the state capital project portfolio. After receiving their contract in December EADOC successfully took the state live in February.