Preparing For Plant Operation And Maintenance Prior To Commencement Of Construction

Presenters: Ron Perkins, Vice President, Construction Service Manager, HDR and Eric Law, Founder and CEO, EADOC, LLC

Design and construction of new facilities represents only 25% of a project’s total lifecycle cost. Decisions made and information managed throughout the design and construction of the facility will play a major impact in how efficient the owner operates their new facility. Traditionally, information exchange, from the completion of construction to the Owner’s O & M staff, has been done with large volumes of three ring binders that provide a less than optimal solution for facility operators. This webinar will look at how owners should prepare for O & M during the design phase and implement procedures during construction to ensure all the information is turned over efficiently and in an electronic format that is easy to use.

Download the presentation: EADOC_Webinar_Preparing_for_Plant_Operations_and_Maintenance