Software Budgets Should be Driven by Cost Savings

Software Budgets Should be Driven by Cost Savings

Given the cost savings afforded by collaborative construction management software applications, it’s time for construction managers to use money budgeted for existing project expenses to pay for their project management applications. integrate software expenses into project budgets, rather than try to manage the expense in a separate information technology budget.

EADOC customers routinely report significant cost savings on their projects as the result of using our construction management software. From $100,000 in savings on a $13 million pump station and reservoir project, to over $400,000 in savings on a $115 million health care facility expansion, our customers find that the software expense is paid for many times over with project cost savings.

Project teams that go paperless with EADOC realize substantial savings in overhead costs such as printing, shipping and distribution costs for paper documents, and office administration. (They also tell us that document distribution is immediate, communication is improved, and accountability is increased.) These costs savings are coming from existing budgeted costs that are being eliminated or substantially reduced.

Utilizing existing budgets lets managers see the relationship between the cost savings achieved and the technology expense that produced them. The ability of project managers to track application benefits against hard-dollar cost savings on their projects not only allows them to ensure the tools are paying for themselves but also gives them cost savings that can be applied when competing for new projects.

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