Are You Still Scanning Project Documents for Archiving?

Are You Still Scanning Project Documents for Archiving?

Occasionally we see RFQs issued for document imaging firms to digitize paper project documents, and we have to ask, are you still scanning project documents for archiving?

The reality is that, in today’s world, virtually all construction project documents originate electronically, and the mistake was to print them out in the first place, to have to scan them back in for archival at project completion.

Certainly there are some cases where a wet signature on hard copy is still required, but even this is happening less and less, and this situation doesn’t make up the bulk of project documents that, if printed, fill up bankers boxes and collect dust.

Web-based construction management software applications like EADOC’s eliminate the printing and shuffling of paper, and keep documents in electronic form, so they can be transmitted and exchanged swiftly and easily, and, ultimately, archived electronically. With EADOC, there is no need for an expensive archival document imaging step at the end of the project.

Further, EADOC customers save money during the life of the project by eliminating the need to print, ship, copy and distribute paper copies of documents. Less paper shuffling means less administrative overhead as well. We have a client finishing a $115M Hospital project and they are reporting cost savings just from paper costs at over $400,000. These paperless projects not only cost less but they are more environmentally friendly as well.

If you are still scanning project documents for archival purposes, the fix is easy – don’t produce so much paper! Manage your projects electronically, and keep documents in electronic form from origination to archive. Contact us and we’ll explain how you can do it.