Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2012 – Vol 5, Issue 1

EADOC Kicks-off What Promises to be Another Great Year

By now, the holidays are well behind us and everyone at EADOC is hard at work improving and updating the market-leading construction management application for commercial and industrial products. To that end, we recently introduced our education partner program, which provides free access to EADOC software for qualified construction management education curriculums.

EADOC has also been added to the United States General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, making it easier for government users to select and use EADOC to bring capital projects to completion on-time and on-budget. Agencies looking to regain control over their capital projects may contact EADOC directly, referencing contract number GS-35F-0209Y, or obtain purchasing and pricing information through the GSA Advantage website.

You can learn more about how we can help you reduce project costs and improve project control by giving us a call at 877-305-3844 or visiting our website www.eadocsoftware.com

Thank you in advance to all our customers, partners and advocates for what we’re sure will be another great year for EADOC and our clients.


2012 Fiatech conference
Join EADOC at the 2012 Fiatech conference
in Miami Florida April 2nd-4th.

2012 Construction Owners Association of America Conference
Drop by to visit EADOC at the COAA conference
in Dallas, Texas, May 9th-11th.

New Customer Case Study

The Provo River Water Users Association wanted to improve public safety, water quality, and conserve water by converting the 21 mile long Murdock Canal to a buried pipeline using 126 inch diameter welded steel pipe. The association decided to use EADOC to manage this complex, multi-faceted endeavor.
Review the case study here.

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New Features

New Dashboard Features

The newly added dashboard features have been extended to span programs and divisions. You can also set up several different views that are easy to switch between.

  • Budget Gauge: Spent or allocated amounts based on the budget total
  • Days in Review: Statistics for how long documents are in pending status
  • Document Metrics: The statistics table is available on your dashboard now
  • Document Priority Statistics: How many documents you have at the different priorities
  • Document Status Bar Chart: How many documents you have at the different statuses
  • Exposure Gauge: Several combination of Change Orders, Contract Change Requests, and Risk items
  • Funding Gauge: Spent or allocated amounts based on the funding total

User Dashboard

Master Submittal List Improvements

Users can now use Anticipated Due Date to set up alerts. A new field has been added, Responsible Organization, which is also available to run alerts.

Multiple Tabs is Now Supported

Users can now have multiple tabs in a single browser open. This will make it easy to switch to between projects.