Construction Management Software Can Re-align Owners and Contractors

Construction Management Software Can Re-align Owners and Contractors

At least one AEC industry expert believes that construction productivity is at a 15-year low. He blames the problem on a misalignment of owners interests and contractors interests. How to fix that disconnect?

Experienced construction managers and contractors know that projects are more successful when the entire team, including the project owner and his or her representatives, are working together in a spirit of co-operation and unity, collaboratively solving problems and tackling issues.

Construction management software is a tool to aid in that process. And everyone, including owners, should get on board. Proactive owners who are engaged in the construction process actively use these project management tools. They provide round-the-clock access to project status and information, from virtually anywhere, and allow the project manager and contractor to easily provide electronic updates to the owner swiftly and efficiently. These tools can also reduce the risk of claims or litigation down the road, which can be costly to all parties.

At EADOC, we see, even in complex projects with multiple “owner” stakeholders, owners successfully using our software to keep engaged with the project team, keep on top of what’s happening with the project, and keep track of the money.

Project owners owe it to themselves to evaluate and purchase project management tools, and ask that the entire team, from architects to engineers, to contractors and subs, use it as well. Software like EADOC’s saves time, saves money, and reduces risk. What owner wouldn’t want to do all three?

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