EADOC Construction Management Application for the iPad and Other Tablets

EADOC Construction Management Application for the iPad and Other Tablets

Does your construction management software follow you wherever you go? Can you access it from any device, even from a smartphone, iPad or similar tablet computer, even from every corner of the job site?

Truly collaborative project management software should untether the busy manager from the office. On the road, at the job site, or at the lunch counter, information should be available and accessible when you need it. Timely access to information can also prevent costly errors – catching mistakes early can prevent them from compounding. With today’s complex commercial and industrial construction projects the ability to quickly respond to the needs of a project are paramount to reducing risk.

EADOC designed its collaborative construction management application to follow the construction manager wherever he or she goes, on any device. Construction Managers have access to real time information about document reviews and current projects costs. You no longer have to wait for a project engineer to update the report and email it to you. You can log in and see in real time how your project is performing. EADOC works with any browser, on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet computers, like the iPad or Xoom.

Anywhere there’s internet access you have instant access to all your project information including drawings, specifications, change orders and pay estimates. And with EADOC, each project participant has instant access to information you have shared with them electronically, ensuring that Contractors, Engineers, Architects, and clients all have access to current real time information.

Your construction management software should match how you do business, and follow you right into the field if it has to. With EADOC, your information is right there with you when you need it.