Quarterly Newsletter – Q3 2011 – Vol 4, Issue 3

Construction Management Software will decrease your project budget

Moving forward with a Construction Management application should decrease your project budget, not add to it. With today’s construction project management applications delivered over the web and incorporating strong collaborative features, the cost savings are delivered immediately instead of 5 to 10 years down the road. Implementation times are reduced from 12-24 months down to 1-2 months when compared with legacy enterprise solutions. When evaluating solutions you should be looking at the direct cost savings that the application will begin delivering within 30-90 days of implementation.

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Events – 2011 CMAA Conference

Join EADOC at the CMAA conference in Washington D.C., Nov 6-8th. We will be presenting “Electronic Project Information Tracking from an Engineer and Owner’s Perspective” with HDR and Hampton Roads Sanitation District on Monday November 7th at 11:00am. You can also stop by our booth #404 to see a demonstration and enter a chance to win an Ipod Nano.

New Customer Corner

The following customers have recently selected EADOC to improve project control and decrease project costs:

Brown and Caldwell - Selected EADOC’s project management application to manage the 3 year design phase for the $200M+ Pierce County Chambers Creek WWTP. Brown and Caldwell have also deployed EADOC on the City of Boulder, CO’s $9M WWTP upgrade project..

Swinerton Management & Consulting - Continues their successful use of EADOC with the 3½ year $90M design build East County Hall of Justice for Alameda County. This project is a joint effort of the California Office of Court Construction and Alameda County.Swinerton M&C is also using EADOC to manage the 5 year $113M South San Francisco Unified School District Bond Program.

Lee & Ro - Selected EADOC for the $17M 2 year Valley Sanitation Districts WWTP upgrade project.

Carollo Engineers - Carollo has added Clean Water Services’ $2.5M 11/2year Rock Creek Solids Improvement project and the $9.5M, 2 year Monroe Headworks project to their long list of projects currently using EADOC’s collaborative project management application.

PNK Constructors - Selected EADOC for the Echo Dam Embankment Stabilization project with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Upper Colorado Region.

New Features

Dashboard Charts and Graphs

Users can now add bar charts, gauges, and trend lines to their dashboards for reviewing financial and document performance. These new dashboard components can be customized by each user.

Spent GuageTrend Graphic

Picture Viewer Improvements

Users now have the ability to search for pictures within the picture viewer by location, material, and photographer attributes. You can also print out the pictures returned in the search results to a pdf document.