Benefits of EADOC’s web based construction management application for IT departments

Benefits of EADOC’s web based construction management application for IT departments

There are many reasons for IT departments to embrace SAAS(Software As A Service) applications like EADOC’s collaborative construction project management application. We have listed a couple of the major benefits for you to review with your IT department.
EADOC acts as a Trusted 3rd party protecting the agency and project participants information. This is crucial to the success of any project management application. If Contractors, Consultants and clients don’t trust the application and the party that is responsible for managing the application they will not use the tool. Without the project participants using the application to submit their project information electronically you will not be able to reap the benefits.

EADOC takes care of security among a large group of users accessing the application from many vendors and points on the Internet. By using EADOC IT departments do need to expose their internal infrastructure to the outside world reducing the costs and risks associated with public access to their infrastructure.

Data is delivered at the end of the project in pdf and native file formats that can easily be stored and accessed with existing file servers and document management systems. This deliverable allows the IT department to move the information into their existing document management systems.

EADOC handles the large amounts of data processing and network activity that a large capital project generates. The majority of agencies capital project workloads ebb and flow with budget cycles, weather and many other factors. This can require that IT departments purchase a lot of spare network capacity and hardware infrastructure so they can handle the peak project loads. With EADOC this is taken care of reducing the need to maintain spare capacity and providing substantial cost savings.

All these benefits add up to substantial cost savings and security benefits for today’s IT departments who are working under shrinking budgets and increased demands from their users. Leveraging EADOC’s web based construction project management application allows IT departments to deliver a collaborative project management application to their Engineers without spending large amounts of time and money on IT resources.