6 Ways Your Team Will Benefit from EADOC’s Construction Management Software

6 Ways Your Team Will Benefit from EADOC’s Construction Management Software

Online Collaboration Software & Construction Project Management Systems are a Necessity, Not a Luxury

In a recent white paper, Alison Way of Think Big Partners (a non-profit group dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs and their businesses) extolled the benefits and growing necessity of on-line collaboration software in the construction business.
The ultimate goal of online collaboration and project management technology, according to Way, is “to facilitate transparent and continuous communication among an entire project team (owners, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, consultants, suppliers, and the internal staff)”. Secondary goals support this end by enabling project team members to:

  • Facilitate construction project workflow
  • Create standards, procedures, and policies
  • Create a historical archive of information
  • Enable information availability and control
  • Improve project control and change management
  • Improve efficiency in the areas of time and budget

The white paper analysis of an over 1 billion dollar loss that occurred on a 2008 Las Vegas construction project highlights the need for construction project management software programs that are up to the task of today’s project and detail loads.

Let’s take a look at how EADOC is uniquely qualified to aid all 6 of these goals that ultimately lead to money-saving and error-reducing management:

1.EADOC project management software will help you facilitate construction workflow.

Ensuring that vital information is passed to the right people, at the right time, is very important to the construction project management process. At EADOC, our software can help you eliminate long meetings and phone conferences discussing submittals, change orders, and the status of RFIs.

2.Using the EADOC construction project management  software will help to streamline procedures and policies followed by all team members.

Construction project management software can make sure that right processes are in place to help eliminate errors.  For instance, any file format can be uploaded to the application, with a link to the document right in the notification email.

3.EADOC web based construction management software creates an automatic ‘paperless trail” as you work!

With completely searchable and time stamped document storage available to all the project participants it is easy to keep everyone on the same page. You can access your files from any computer connected to the internet 24 hours a day.

4. Keeping every construction project member in the loop means increased efficiency with EADOC’s software.

Because EADOC’S user permissions are set by you, you can simply add or subtract the names and addresses for those who need to receive notifications on any part of the project. You can easily view a report that will tell you who has received and opened the files, and whose input is still pending. You’ll keep every member of the project in the loop and avoid slowdowns thanks to the vast amount of information flow and control possible with EADOC.

5. Less time and money wasted while searching for new Drawings, RFIs, or Submittals with construction project management software.

EADOC knows that project details can change in a moment and that the more time spent waiting for Drawings, Approved Submittals, or RFI responses, the more money and time is lost. With EADOC’s collaborative benefits, you can be sure that change management happens efficiently and that everyone who needs to know is made aware of the changes.

6.Up to 30% more time saving and significant cost reductions by reducing the need for office supplies and meeting requests.

Find significant cost reductions by greatly reducing the need for paper, face-to-face meeting times, administrative help, and shipping expenses.

Industry watchers know the importance of online collaborative project management for the future of the industry and profitability. View the EADOC demo today to see how EADOC can benefit you!

Eric Law, Founder & CEO of EADOC