Save Time and Trouble: Avoid Hiring Unnecessary Consultants with EADOC

Save Time and Trouble: Avoid Hiring Unnecessary Consultants with EADOC

Everyone can appreciate expertise.  There are times when an independent consultant can offer the best advice available, and is a vital part of some projects.  Sometimes, however, layers of administrative staff and outside consultants can add to the cost of a project, add unnecessary layers of bureaucracy to daily decision making, and even introduce conflict.

EADOC construction management software can introduce tremendous cost savings on every project you encounter. Why rely on a third party when you can access hands-on reporting, updates, and record-keeping from anywhere at any time of day?

No Waiting for Office Hours

You know that construction delays happen all of the time. Weather delays, slowed supply lines, and absenteeism can cost you precious time; and in the construction business, more than almost anywhere else, time is money. When you’re ready to go to work, move to the next phase of development, or green light an action, you need instant information. You can’t wait for your consultant to return your calls or return to the office. EADOC construction management software can give you access to every part of your project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Less Face-to-Face Meeting Time

We all value the custom of a firm handshake and reaching across the table to finalize a deal, but we also value our time. Meetings with consultants and individual project managers can end up costing a lot of man hours, and sometimes don’t produce the results we’re looking for. Instead of setting up regular meetings, difficult to arrange conference calls, or trying to sift through confusing email histories, you can access just the information you want online, from anywhere. With EADOC construction project software, you’ll be able to view every document that is pertinent to the project you’re working on, with a date and time stamp automatically attached. You can customize reports and instantly email them to all involved players to keep everyone on the same page- all without involving an expensive third party consultant.
With EADOC you’ll have additional access to electronic:

  • • RFIs
  • • Submittals
  • • Change Orders
  • • Extra Work Orders
  • • Design Clarification Memos
  • • Quality Inspections
  • • Punch Lists
  • • Memos
  • • Daily Logs
  • • Meeting Scheduler
  • • Meeting Agendas
  • • Meeting Minutes
  • • Action Items
  • • T&M Tags
  • • Specifications
  • • Drawings
  • • Schedules
  • • Job Site Photos
  • • Environmental Documents
  • • Custom Documents
  • • LEED Points

With all this at your disposal, it’s hard to imagine the need for an hourly consultant. Instead of solving your problems, it can just give you one more aspect to manage. EADOC offers a program of incredible options with almost no learning curve. EADOC’s user-friendly interfaces and features will have you up and running -independently- in no time.