Let EADOC Save You From Costly Construction Project Snafus!

Let EADOC Save You From Costly Construction Project Snafus!

Whether you’re a construction project manager or a facility owner, you’ve likely experienced costly mistakes in the past. The more key players there are on a project, the more likely a simple mistake is to occur. The problem is that in the construction industry, there’s almost no such thing as a simple mistake! Consequences for multiple change orders, double-billing or double payment, or occupancy delays all cost time and money- two things no one can afford to take lightly.

How Can EADOC’s Construction Project Management System Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes?

With all of the financial tracking that takes place on a construction project, mistakes can be hard to avoid. EADOC software puts you in charge of all the financial aspects of your project. Consider the following list of financial controls that EADOC can help you track:

• Construction Project Budget
• Construction Funding sources
• Construction Contracts
• Schedule of values
• Pay estimate
• Change request
• Change orders

From your construction project’s beginning stages to early development, and then on to completion and occupancy, EADOC construction project  management software will give you the confidence you need to navigate the swirling waters of billing, budgets, and work histories. EADOC’s state-of-the-art construction project management software automatically time and date stamps every document you work on, so you don’t have to worry about it. The paper trail that formerly covered your work space, and resulted in the inevitable mistakes will now be gone. Instead, you’ll retain your control over the financial and all other details of your project, without having to commit many hours out of your week organizing your paperwork or paying someone else to do it for you.

Saving You Trouble, Saving You Money…Growing Your Business

A quick look at our online case studies will reveal that no matter how large the project, you’ll find you are able to manage its financial aspects with ease, and most importantly WITHOUT hiring expensive project managers or consultants that can eat into your budget, cost you more time in meetings and updates, and even introduce personality conflict into the project itself.

Here’s a quote from a satisfied EADOC client:

Utilizing the AIA G702 in EADOC for our monthly billings has greatly simplified the process. We are able to create, review, approve and distribute AIA pay applications electronically.

It really is that simple. EADOC puts the entire financial aspect of your construction project at your fingertips with improved accessibility, accountability, and productivity for you and your client.