Best Construction Project Management Software

Best Construction Project Management Software

3 Reasons Why EADOC Is THE Choice in Construction Project Management Software

When you’re looking for simple solutions that can help you manage your building project, the choices can seem overwhelming. With all of the construction project management software being marketed today, how do you know which one to choose?

EADOC is THE choice for construction firms, construction project managers, and clients who are looking for the most efficient and cost-saving way to manage the numerous construction contractors, subcontractors, architects, and other key players who are necessary to completing a job well done.

EADOC easily outshines the competition with three vital advantages.

1. Fast to Set Up
2. Completely Secure
3. Easy to Use

1. EADOC’s Construction Project Management System Can Be Up and Running in No Time at All.

EADOC’s Construction Project Management System is fast to set up, so you won’t waste precious hours (that could be devoted to your construction project) on setting up or learning a new system. With EADOC, you can use the existing documents your company has come to rely on. There’s no need to waste time and energy learning a new reporting system. EADOC can be customized to the way you already do things…only better! Since EADOC is a completely web based construction project management application, you won’t need expensive servers that bring additional headaches.

You can focus on your construction project and on building your company’s reputation as the best firm in the business. EADOC is easy to learn. The user interface is displayed based on a user’s permissions, which means that various players view only the project details they need to know. Less unnecessary data means each person on the construction project can learn to use EADOC fast!

2. EADOC’s Construction Project Management System is the Most Secure Project Management System Available.

Security is a concern for clients and construction project managers alike. With EADOC, you won’t have to worry about privacy issues, since EADOC is completely secure. Using Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL), EADOC’s construction project management system allows you to transmit documents, including PDFs, Word files, CAD files, and others, with a double layer of security protection. That means that only those with individual passwords and user names have access to secure documents. You and your construction client’s documents (and the information contained in them) are safe. EADOC’s unlimited user model means you won’t be instructed to share passwords or user names like you would with many construction project management systems. At EADOC, we take your security seriously.

3. EADOC’s Construction Project Management System is the Easiest to Use.

Perhaps most importantly, EADOC is easy to use. All users invested in a particular issue can be contacted via email at the direction of the construction project manager. The email is delivered directly to their office computer or mobile device, and a live link to the EADOC interface is provided right in the email. With EADOC’s easy to use “sticky notes”, each person can comment on the document or memo and instantly communicate concerns. The contents of the sticky notes are even searchable, so if you are looking for a specific piece of data, you’re sure to find it! Best of all, there is no new reporting system required. Reports are easy to construct and customizable, so that you can include the information you want and easily choose which people on the project will receive reports. EADOC’s reporting system is built into our all-inclusive system, so instead of adding another layer of software, you can concentrate on your project and your clients!

With a quick startup, complete security, and easy-to-use interface, EADOC’s construction management software is clearly above and beyond the competition in the construction business!

To view a full comparison between EADOC’s construction project management system and their competitors, we’ve put together a complete construction project management comparison guide for you.