4 Questions to ask While Making a Construction Management Software Comparison

4 Questions to ask While Making a Construction Management Software Comparison

Many construction projects are turning to technology with the hope of easing some of their common project pains and trouble spots. There are a few construction project management programs available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a closer look at some construction project management software comparison to help determine which program would best fit your construction project’s needs. Answering these questions will help determine which construction project management software is best suited for your needs.

1. What are the Construction Project Management Software’s Hosting Options?
If a construction project management program offers hosting as part of its package, this provides a safe and secure way of accessing documents, project information, budgets, etc. from many different locations where internet access is available. For projects where all departments are housed in the same office building, this may not seem like such a big deal. However, most construction projects involve many departments and teams that do not see each other face-to-face every day. Construction project management software hosting is what allows communications to travel quickly and easily from portal to portal. EADOC, Autodesk, and Trimble Navigation’s Meridian are examples of construction project management programs that offer this option. Other programs such as Oracle Primavera and Microsoft do not.

2. What Web Browser is Needed to Access the Construction Project Management Program?
Of course, hosting does not do much good for a construction project if it cannot be accessed by the computers your team members use. Most construction project management programs are only available with a specific web browser, which can cause problems for inter-office coordination if different departments and corroborating companies use different browsers. Usually, this is easily fixed with a free download, but don’t be taken by surprise. The most universally accessible construction project management software is EADOC which can be accessed with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Construction project management programs such as Autodesk Constructware, Trimble Navigation’s Meridian, Oracle Primavera, and Microsoft, are only accessible with Internet Explorer.

3. How Much Time Will Be Needed to Train Individuals In Using a Construction Project Management Program?
Learning new software can be difficult and time-consuming. Making the time to learn a construction project management software can be frustrating, but it is needed to help ensure that the months during the construction project run as smoothly as possible. Only if everyone involved in the project knows how to use the construction project management system well can it be truly helpful. Thankfully, EADOC is a construction project management system that only requires 1 to 4 hours of training in order to be properly used. In comparison, the amount of training time required takes a steep climb among the competition. Other construction project management systems take quite a bit longer to train in. Oracle Primavera requires a minimum of 5 days. The construction project management system, Autodesk Constructware, takes 5 to 10 days of training. And the amount of time training for Microsoft’s construction project management system depends entirely on the solution you develop.

4. Does the Construction Project Management Program Have a Demo Available?
In the end, you can read and compare construction project management programs all day, learning their strengths, weaknesses, usefulness, and setup. But the only way to truly know whether or not a particular construction project management system will be the best fit for your construction project is with a demo. To be able to have a look at the inter-workings of a construction project management system offers invaluable insight that cannot be gained any other way (short of purchasing each program, of course). EADOC and Microsoft recognize this importance and offer a demo on their websites. Unfortunately, Autodesk Constructware, Trimble Navigation’s Meridian, and Oracle Primavera do not offer the same help.