The Top 9 Must-Have Features for Your Construction Project Management System

The Top 9 Must-Have Features for Your Construction Project Management System

Web based construction management software provides an easy way for anyone involved in the project to communicate, collaborate,  and work together as a team.  Here are 9 technical features only the best web based construction project management software will have.

1. Look for a Construction Project Management System with a Web Based Interface

This is the simplest and easiest way to ensure that all necessary team members have instant access to your project management system.  A web based interface means there is no software that needs to be installed, and it also allows for multiple access points that each individual team member can use at any time.  When all you need is a computer and an internet connection, work and updates can be completed from almost anywhere.

2. Encryption is a Must Have for Any Construction Project Management Software

In following with the first point, multiple access points can create for multiple security risks.  To ensure the safety of the information, it is essential for your web based construction project management system to have SSL encryption, protecting the information exchanged between any access points and the project management server.

3. Look for a Solution with Individual Profiles and Security

A construction project is made up of many teams and moving parts.  Within those teams are various team members.  Teams (and all team members) may need to have their own profile which they can then individually access the secure web based construction project management software and all the information it holds.  To protect both the project and the individuals, everyone will need a secure login and profile.

4. Automated Email Notifications Are a Must for Any Project Management Software

With so many files and documents being viewed, used, and edited by many team members, online construction management software needs to have the option of automatic email alerts, configurable by each team on the construction project and each team member’s individual profile.  To be fully helpful, all alerts should arrive with a direct link to the indicated file.

5. Your Business Needs a Completely Customizable Construction Management System

Every construction project is unique; you should never be required to take time and energy trying to make a project fit into a management program.  It should always be the other way around, where the construction management system is easily adjustable to fit the construction project’s needs.

6. Adaptable Automated Process Flow Which Will Simplify Project Management

Once the web based construction management system has been appropriately adapted to the construction project, it should be very easy to set up an automated process flow based on the specific project’s structure.

7. Look for An All Document Word Search in Your Construction Project Management Software
With all the files, documents, and images associated with a construction project, it can sometimes be difficult to locate a specific piece of data.  This is why no web based construction project management software is complete without the ability to perform a keyword search across all the project information stored in the application.

8. You Will Need Project Management Software that is Printer Friendly

The project’s information needs to be accessible in more ways than just a computer and internet connection; it must have the option to allow you to communicate offline.  The software’s web-based interface must be printer-friendly and be compatible for export to off-line programs such as Microsoft Office, PDF, etc.

9. Exportable Files Are a Must for Construction Project Management

Whether it is keeping the general public informed of progress or for any other reason, all data secured in a web-based construction project management system needs to be easily exported and posted to public websites.  Most commonly, the need is to have the ability of posting pictures, schedules, and projected time-lines. You should also be able to archive a completed project to your own servers after the project is complete.