Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2011 – Vol 4, Issue 1

How To Successfully Implement Collaborative Construction Project Management Software

Implementing a collaborative construction project management application takes an up front time investment to ensure the application is configured correctly for your project or program. Here are some of the steps we take at EADOC to ensure clients are successful with our collaborative construction management application:

1. Review your current project management processes and procedures for managing information
We will review your current forms, document review procedures, terminology, organization of your team, your role in the project, and your project participants, along with other project or program specific information. Using this information we will customize your EADOC site to meet your project management requirements. Click here to read about the rest of the process.

New Customer Corner

The following customers have recently selected EADOC to improve project control and decrease project costs:

J.H. Findorff selected EADOC to help them manage a $150M Bank Remodeling Program and the $108M Madison College Bond program in Wisconsin.

Kennedy Jenks continues their use of EADOC by adding three new client projects to EADOC, the City of Santa Rosa’s $12M WWTP CHP project, North Coast Water District’s $5M Pump Station and Tank upgrade, and City of Gearheart $6.6M Water Treatment and Supply Facilities Project.

Carollo Engineers continues their use of EADOC by adding The city of Las Vegas’s $12M Sludge Blending and Feed Station project.

New Features

Master Submittal List Anticipated Due Date

EADOC has added a new field to the master submittal list “Anticipated Due Date”. This allows the contractor to identify when they plant to turn in submittals for review.

Browse Box is Now Adjustable

Users can now adjust the browse box which can be found on the right hand side of the screen. Users can click on the vertical lines in the center of the browse box border line and drag the box to any specified width. To return the browse box to its original size, just double click on the vertical lines.

Quick Tips


Click here for step by step instructions.