Kennedy Jenks saves $100K with EADOC’s Construction Management Software

Kennedy Jenks saves $100K with EADOC’s Construction Management Software

Jennifer Coker with Kennedy Jenks gave a presentation at the 2010 PNCWA conference titled “Getting the Best for Less: Partnerships Pay Off in MBR System”. The presentation covered the $12.8M Expansion of the City of La Center’s WWTP and highlighted many of the Cost savings achieved on this project. During the Construction phase Kennedy Jenks estimated savings of $100K using EADOC’s web based construction management software. The Presentation slide and a link to the complete presentation is included below.

Jennifer listed the following benefits of using EADOC in her presentation:

  • Immediate access with Internet Connection
  • Required filing as you go
  • Searchable
  • Immediate distribution of documents
  • Saves paper filing and shipping
  • Document History
  • Increased Accountability

Readers should note EADOC did not participate in the cost savings calculation or the presentation given by Jennifer Coker at PNCWA’s 2010 conference.

Kennedy Jenks 2010 PNCWA presentation slides for cost savings achieved using EADOC’s web based project management application.

Kennedy Jenks full presentation on City of La Center’s WWTP Expansion project