How To Succesfully Implement collaborative construction project management software

How To Succesfully Implement collaborative construction project management software

Implementing a collaborative construction project management application takes an up front time investment to ensure the application is configured correctly for your project or program. Here are some of the steps we take at EADOC to ensure clients are successful with our collaborative construction management application:

1. Review your current project management processes and procedures for managing information
We will review your current forms, document review procedures, terminology, organization of your team, your role in the project, and your project participants, along with other project or program specific information. Using this information we will customize your EADOC site to meet your project management requirements.

2. Upload project and program specific content
We will show you how to start adding drawings, specifications, and current documentation to your project. You will be able to create reference locations and materials for linking with project documents. We will show you how to create organizations and users and how to set their permissions.

3. Create a practice project
We will train you on your EADOC account with your exact configuration. This greatly reduces the training time and learning curve for your participants compared to being trained on a vanilla version of the software. With thousands of configuration options and many different ways to manage the varying types of projects it is critical that the application be configured for your requirements and your team be trained on your configuration. This practice project will also give your team a test area to evaluate changes made to the EADOC application, as well as, allow you to play with the features and functionality without impacting your actual project.

4. Training
You need to get your project team to attend training classes. These classes are only a couple of hours long and will save users exponentially more hours then they spend in the class.  Attendees should include: the General Contractor, Designer, Engineer, Construction Manager, Client and anyone else that is part of the core team.  You should also have sub contractors, sub consultants and major material suppliers attend a separate training class.

5. Review your project performance
After your training is complete and there are project documents going through the review process, we will check to make sure you are getting the expected results from EADOC. While other software vendors omit this process of review, we work with our clients to make changes to the processes or forms within EADOC to ensure your expectations are met. This makes the client’s job easier, and leaves them preaching the benefits of EADOC.