3 Ways to Save Time and Money With Construction Project Management

3 Ways to Save Time and Money With Construction Project Management

In a construction project, design plans can be altered mid-stream (sometimes multiple times), materials may not arrive on time or be available for ordering and delivery, inspection regulations can change, and people are unreliable and forgetful. Technological advances were supposed to have made all the communication involving the many pieces of a construction project puzzle easier, more thorough, and faster. Technology has provided some time saving graces, however, cell phones, emails, electronic documents, and jump drives have also just provided more opportunity for important pieces of information to get lost, buried, or to be in the wrong location at the wrong time.

A New Way to Save Time on Construction Project Management

EADOC has created the ultimate, web based construction project management tool that is easier to integrate into your construction projects than any other software on the market.  Here is how construction project management software can prevent headaches while saving time and money.

1. With web based construction management software, time is not wasted by looking for important information or documents.
Online construction management programs are completely customizable.  Documents can be moved, files re-named, and the whole project can be altered according to the project’s needs.  This allows users to put information and documentation where they think it is best suited, and in areas that make sense to them and others.  If project management documents are where they are most needed, no time has to be wasted in locating an important piece of information.

2.  Online construction management prevents time wasted waiting for the most up-to-date information.
Because construction management software is online and the information held in a server, those on the construction team never unnecessarily sit around, unable to do their jobs because of delayed information.  Traditionally, documents, blueprints, and files would have to make their way from point A to point B through mail, carriers, or inter-office hand delivery.  Through the use of the internet, updates and changes are available to all project participants immediately, meaning team members have the ability to continuously do their jobs instantly.

3. A web-based construction project management system saves time lost by mis-communications.
Construction projects involve many designs, deadlines, notes, and schedules.  Then there are the alterations to those designs, deadlines that get moved, notes that seem to communicate conflicting information, and schedules that are re-scheduled.  All this provides for amply opportunity for needless misunderstanding.  Cleaning these messes eats up valuable time.  A construction project management program provides a hub for all your project information to be instantly stored, accessed, and easily updated by and for all involved.

In the end, all this time-saving enabled by an online construction management software program leads to dollar savings.  All these time wasters mentioned result in late fees, penalties, fines, rush orders, over-time compensation, and other general productivity leaches.  But the prevention of time wasted provides an opportunity for money saved.  The saying “time is money” could not ring more true than in the construction business.  Therefore, the reversal of unnecessary time lost easily allows budgets to be met.