Quarterly Newsletter – Q4 2010 – Vol 3, Issue 4

2010 The Year of Hurry Up and Wait is coming to a close

Owners are pushing their projects into construction to take advantage of the low bids and low borrowing costs. Unfortunately, many have rushed through design and into bidding without completing their permits, receiving money or even making sure all their paperwork has the correct signatures. This has led to numerous delays and the voice on the other end of the line saying “we are getting close just need one more approval”. If this sounds familiar, then you too have enjoyed the wonderful year of 2010 in the AEC industry. The good news is projects are moving forward and our design clients are reporting an increased number of new projects. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. Better news is the belt tightening and need to improve project controls has resulted in more clients turning to collaborative project management software to help them manage their projects resulting in another great year for us. Not only is this good for EADOC, but the tight economy is requiring agencies and firms within the AEC industry to become more efficient in how projects are delivered. This will result in projects being completed sooner at a lower cost, benefiting everyone involved. Some of these forward thinking clients can be found in the New Customer Corner of this newsletter as well as the Customer Section of our website.
Happy Holidays
The EADOC Team

New Customers Corner

The following customers have recently selected EADOC to improve project control and decrease project costs:

Perini Management Services, Inc. selected EADOC for the $81M Runway Repair Project at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

City of Santa Clarita continues their use of EADOC by extending our contract to include the cities $14M Old Town Newhall Library project.

Central Utah Water Conservancy District selected EADOC for their $18M CWP North Shore Aquaduct North & West Segments project. This will be the districts second project after using EADOC with their consultant Carollo Engineers on the Ashley Valley WTP project.

New Features

Custom Letterhead on Printouts

EADOC now has the ability to upload custom letterhead for printing. The letterhead can be configured for all documents within your account or it can be specified for each type of document.

Printing Picture Options

Users can now choose the size and layout of pictures being printed on a document. For example, with daily reports users can choose if they want the pictures printed to fit 1, 2, or 4 pictures per page.

Upload Data Limit increase

Users can now upload files up to 1.9GB in size. This is an almost four fold increase from the original limit of 512MB.

New security options

Clients can now choose the level of security they want for managing user permissions. Options include password length, password expiration, enable or disable remember me, and the duration for the remember me. Contact EADOC support to have these changes made to your account.

Quick Tips

Create shortcuts to your reports on your dashboard

Clicking the Edit button on your dashboard will take you to the dashboard configuration screen. From here you can edit your reports module to show standard and custom reports.