Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2010 – Vol 3, Issue 1

Difficult Economic Times Require a Closer Look at Workflow Efficiency Across the Team

Owners and their consultants have to look for cost savings from every member of the project team these days to ensure shrinking project budgets are met. This is a difficult task given the complexity, duration, and large number of people and firms involved in today’s construction projects. One area many people ignore when it comes to cost savings is the movement of information across the team. Information is moved across these large teams in the form of RFIs, submittals, drawings, specifications, environmental reports, design clarifications, pay estimates, change orders and the thousands of other formats we use for exchanging information. Most people look at the direct costs of this process related to themselves and rarely look at the aggregated cost across the project. Using the submittal process as an example, consider the following: each user in the review process will receive the submittal, log it, file it, and send it on to the next person in the process. If we assume a submittal travels from a supplier, to a sub contractor, to the prime contractor, to the construction manager, to the lead designer, and then finally lands at the designer’s sub consultant for review, a minimum of 6 people have been involved. If just one person reduces their labor time by removing the logging and filing steps, then the process can be reduced from 20 minutes down to 10 minutes. For this individual user the savings are small, but if you look at everyone in the organization reducing their labor time by the same 50% you are now talking about a savings of one hour of labor for each submittal turned in for review. If you double the savings to two hours to account for the submittals’ return, you can see some significant savings. Apply these savings to the thousands of documents generated on even a small project and you will find potential costs savings well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

New Customers Corner

Montachusett Regional Transit Authority - Selected EADOC’s project management software for managing their 2009/2010 CIP program. This program includes multiple projects ranging from a new bus wash facility to an improved fare card management system.

City of Bremerton - Is using EADOC for managing the Gorst pump station, collection system and UV treatment facility projects.

Thurston County - Has embarked on the design and construction of the Tilley road expansion project using EADOC’s web based project management software.

HDR - Selected EADOC for Santa Cruz County Sanitation District’s Aptos transmission main relocation project.

Crowder Construction - Selected EADOC for the SIMMS/Blalock Water Treatment Plant Improvement project in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This is a 3 year design build project for Spartanburg Water.

Carollo Corpus Christi - Carollo has expanded their use of EADOC into their Texas office with the addition of the City of Corpus Christi’s New Broadway WWTP project.

New Features

Custom Printouts

Users can now request EADOC to create custom printed forms for Pay Estimates and Change Order documents. This allows clients that still require wet signatures on the final documents to be able to print these directly from EADOC in the format that they require.

Printing Master Submittal Log

When clients are using the master submittal feature, new options have been added to the report tool allowing users to choose submittals that have not yet been submitted. This criteria is under the status filter.

Daily Log Reports

EADOC users can now choose to create reports showing just inspectors and contractor hours or include them with crafts, equipment, and quantities when they run reports from their daily log.

Quick Tips

Adding Check Number and Date to a Closed Invoice

After an invoice has been closed and approved in EADOC you may want to go back in and add the check number and date from your accounting software into EADOC. This can be done by clicking the “Edit” button in the pay estimate. Note only the invoice # and check number fields will be editable.