Quarterly Newsletter – Q4 2009 – Vol 2, Issue 4

Some good news to end 2009

With the constant negative news about the economy and over dramatization of the world ending by the media it is nice to share some good news at the end of this year with you. This year EADOC has added 40 new contracts and 20 new clients to the EADOC application. With these 20 new clients, EADOC has surpassed 3000 users on 150 projects worth over $2B in construction value. EADOC clients are reporting tremendous costs savings in the form of reduced staff time on projects, reduced printing and shipping costs and tremendous reductions in document turnaround time. Not only are EADOC clients saving money, but they are also helping the environment, and at the same time making EADOC a must have tool in these difficult economic times. Another positive note is that we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of projects requesting EADOC features be enabled for tracking ARRA funding sources and the Buy America certifications. With the February deadline fast approaching for many of these projects to start, we are looking forward to a very busy start to the new year for ourselves and our clients.

From the EADOC team we wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday season.

New Customers Corner

The following customers have selected EADOC to improve project control and decrease project costs:

P.F. Moone & Company along with Carollo Engineers has selected EADOC for Hancock County Utility Authority’s $20 million Northern Regional WWTF in Mississippi.

City of Stockton - chose EADOC to help them manage the $7.5 million Arch Road Regional Sanitary Pump Station project.

Strategic Construction Management started using EADOC for the new $4 million Scotts Valley Library project.

Orr Partners selected EADOC for the new 139,000 square foot National Childrens’ Museum located on the National Harbor in the District of Columbia. Orr Partners is also using EADOC to manage the new Cultural Mission for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

City of Pendleton, OR selected EADOC for the citie’s Waste Water Treatment Plant Upgrade project.

Crawford Murphy & Tilly chose EADOC for managing Springfield Metro Sanitary District’s $100 million Spring Creek WWTP Improvement project.

City of Bend, OR who has been using EADOC for the last 2 years on individual projects is now rolling EADOC out to all capital projects managed in the various city departments.

New Features

New options for choosing the level of financial reporting

Clients can now choose if they want to see financial summaries across multiple projects or just within their current project.

On Daily log reports users can now choose to include inspector and contractor hours on the report.

Custom Form Builder for Pay Estimates and Change Orders

In February 2010 EADOC will be able to build custom forms for clients that are not using the industry standard AIA and EJCDC docs in EADOC. An alert will be posted when this feature is made available.

Quick Tips

Deleting Users from a project

To remove a user from a project you will first need to remove all their permissions. This is accomplished on their profile tab. Open the permission link and make sure all the check boxes are unchecked. Click Save. On their profile you will now see the Delete button, if the button does not appear then the users still has permissions to a project in your account. You will need to make sure they do not have permissions to any project in your account before delete appears.