Quarterly Newsletter – Q3 2009 – Vol 2, Issue 3

“I have been managing projects this way for 20 years and I am not going to change”

How many times have you heard someone say this with a cell phone strapped to their belt and a laptop on their desk? This person could be a colleague, boss, client, consultant, or contractor. So how do you get someone to make a change without knowing it or feeling like they are making a change? Unfortunately, human nature makes us scared of change and most people will try to avoid it like the plague even though the benefits could be tremendous. How were the cell phone and computer companies able to get these scared individuals to buy their products and rely on them daily? The best question is: How did they do it so the customer didn’t think they were changing? Obviously, trying to sell a web based project management software to an industry drowning in paper gives EADOC some inside knowledge into changing users in this industry. The key to making this change is the elite few that believe in change and are willing to try new tools. A great part about human nature is that the “no one wants to be left behind urge” is almost as strong as the “urge not to change”. Eventually, “Mr./Ms. no change” sees the success of this new tool or product and decides they should use it. So, cheers to all those people that believe in change and are willing to try new products that will move this industry forward. Without you we would still be in the Stone Age!

Thank You,
Eric Law
Founder & CEO

We are always interested in learning how you were able to implement change on a project. Whether this was changing a process or implementing a new procedure we would like to hear from you. Please go to our blog and post a comment on this article.

New Customers Corner

The following customers have selected EADOC to improve project control and decrease project costs:

City of Emeryville – Continues their success with EADOC with the start of the Park Avenue Improvements Project

Veolia Water North America – Selected EADOC for the City of Palm Spring’s WWTP upgrade projects

Upper Blue Sanitation District – Selected EADOC for the Farmers Korner WWTF North Plant project

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – Is starting their second major project with EADOC, the $52M Student Recreation Center

New Features

Division Level added to EADOC

During the setup of a users EADOC site, users can now specify the inclusion of a Division Level. The Division Level allows users to group programs together under a division and report on the programs at the division level in the same manner that they can currently report on projects at the program level.

Soft Cost Module

Users can now enable a “soft cost” module in Finance that will allow them to track costs not directly associated with a contract that apply to the project. If you would like this feature enabled please contact EADOC to enable the feature and receive instruction on the use of this new feature.

Chainlinks can now be attached to responses

Previously you could only create and attach a chain link sticky to a parent document. You can now create and attach chain link stickies to a response, as well as, the parent document.

Quick Tips

Viewing Submittals Pending resubmit - You can easily run a report showing all submittals that are currently pending resubmit by checking the “revision required” box in your report criteria.

Quick Tips