Autodesk Terminates Constructware

Autodesk Terminates Constructware

Autodesk has made it official what many of their constructware customers have been suspecting. Autodesk has suspended development of Constructware. Here is the article Updated link(Analyzing Autodesk’s Constructware Announcement
This comes after numerous layoffs at Autodesk and the termination of Constructware’s founder several months ago.

Anytime a product is folded after a company spends over $40M for the product everyone asks how could a client have protected themselves from this. The answer is look at the acquirer, their track record with acquisitions and how the acquired product fits in with existing product lines. Autodesk despises the web and collaboration and prefers proprietary software sold on a per seat license. Autodesk has always focused on design and never paid much attention to the Construction side of AEC. Combine this with Constructware targeting Contractors, Owners and Designers with a rigid product that offered very little flexibility and you have a recipe for failure.
Take aways from this story for companies evaluating project management tools.
Look at the companies industry focus and client focus within that industry. Do not assume because they target the AEC industry it is a good solution for you as there are a lot of different players in this industry.
Look at the companies release history and product road map.
Finally test drive the product before buying.

If you are interested in replacing Constructware and you are a Facility Owner or Engineering firm please contact us to learn more about EADOC.
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