Quarterly Newsletter – Q2 2009 – Vol 2, Issue 2

Tough Times Call For Solid Project Controls

With accountability requirements for federal stimulus funds and no money for project management staff, facility owners face the daunting task of managing their capital projects with fewer resources. Add in the increasing risk of frivolous claims from low bidding contractors and you have a real challenge for today’s facility owner. To resolve these issues facility owners and their engineers have to look beyond the traditional solution of hiring more staff and consultants to manage their projects. They have to look at streamlining the process and reduce their reliance on labor intensive paper processes to control their projects. They also must look at how they can cut costs across the entire project team by using technology to improve information sharing. Making these changes can result in lower cost projects and increased oversight without having to hire additional staff. All of these controls are delivered with EADOC’s hosted web based project management software. EADOC gives you the control without the headaches, costs, and risks associated with your IT department deploying traditional enterprise software or trying to build your own solution. EADOC users can be trained in a matter of hours allowing you to achieve complete project control for substantially less than you would expect. Contact EADOC today to let us show you how you can increase control and reduce costs on your capital projects.

Thank You,
Eric Law
Founder & CEO

New Customers Corner

The following customers have selected EADOC to improve project control and decrease project costs.

MRB Group – Selected EADOC to replace Primavera for their Construction Management group who oversees municipal water and wastewater projects.

County of Santa Barbara, California – Selected EADOC for the Santa Maria Court Clerks Building.

City of Milpitas, California – Chose EADOC for the New Milpitas Senior Center.

City of Laramie, Wyoming - Selected EADOC for their 2009/2010 Capitol Improvement Program.

Kwame Building Group – Is using EADOC to manage the Harrison Education Center in St Louis, MO.

Kennedy Jenks Engineers - Selected EADOC for the City of La Center’s WWTP Phase 1 project Improvements.

Critical Solutions Inc Is using EADOC to manage the City of Fremont’s Fire Department Tactical Training Center and the Police Department Shooting Range projects.

New Features

Document Return – Users can now return a document to the original creator. For example, if a contractor does not complete the submittal form, the recipient can return the submittal to the contractor to be corrected.

Mass Share – We have made it easier to share large quantities of documents with new users and organizations that are added to EADOC. When you add a a new user or organization you can now share groups of documents with them by clicking the share button on their organization or user profile.

Quick Tips

In the EADOC Report tool you can change the name of your column headings. To do this you will need to edit your report. On the bottom right box where your columns are listed, click on the column label you want to edit. Change the label to meet your requirements and click save at the bottom.

Quick Tips