Save Money, Fire your Copier – it won’t complain!

Save Money, Fire your Copier – it won’t complain!

With today’s economy causing budgets to shrink and forcing everyone to do more with less there is a quiet machine in the corner that wastes more time, energy and money then any employee in your office. We have looked at the cost of your copier on a 1 year, $5M Pump Station Project based off data from several client’s projects.

Assuming it costs $.06/page in paper and ink to print a single page consider the following scenario for a $5M, 1 year, Pump Station Project.

100 RFI’s + Responses
(2 pages)
200 Submittals + responses
(avg 10 pages)
10 change orders
(5 pages)
52 meeting agendas + minutes
(4 pages)
200 Daily reports
(2 pages)
50 Special Inspections
(2 pages)
100 memos
(1 page)
and 200 punch list items
(1 page/item)

This adds up to 3,258 pages or $195.48 for printing all these documents once. Now consider each document will be printed out at least 4X by each organization and most projects of this size will have a contractor, designer, client, inspector, and at least one sub contractor taking the cost to $3909. Now include the labor cost of people to print, file, and log this paper as it works its way across your project. Let’s assume it takes 10 minutes to print each document, walk to the printer, ship, and file it appropriately. So, that is 912 documents times 10 minutes =152 hours/organization * 5 organizations =760hrs. 760hrs*50/hr(average engineer/project assistant cost)=$38,000. Now, add in the $3,909 and you are almost at $42k for a small project with conservative estimates.

Now consider a $100M treatment plant project with 15 organizations on the project, printing and copying away with 5 times the number of documents. This will cost the project over $630k just to print and push the paper. This doesn’t include the cost of filing cabinets, office space, electricity, or disposing of this paper when the project is done. Given these numbers you should consider replacing your copier with EADOC’s web based project management application. The best part is the copier can’t file for unemployment or complain about being laid off.
Thank You
Eric Law
Founder & CEO