Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2009 – Vol 2, Issue 1

Save Money, Fire your Copier – it won’t complain!

With today’s economy causing budgets to shrink and forcing everyone to do more with less there is a quiet machine in the corner that wastes more time, energy and money then any employee in your office. We have looked at the cost of your copier on a 1 year, $5M Pump Station Project based off data from several client’s projects. See our blog for the details. After including printing and labor costs for moving the paper we determined this project would save $42K by firing the copier.

Now consider a $100M treatment plant project with 15 organizations on the project, printing and copying away with 5 times the number of documents. This will cost the project over $630k just to print and push the paper. This doesn’t include the cost of filing cabinets, office space, electricity, or disposing of this paper when the project is done. Given these numbers you should consider replacing your copier with EADOC’s web based project management software. The best part is the copier can’t file for unemployment or complain about being laid off.

Thank You,
Eric Law
Founder & CEO

New Customers Corner

The following customers have selected EADOC since Oct 2008 to help them manage their capital projects.

Winzler & Kelly selected EADOC to manage South Bayside System Authorities’s $200M Conveyance System Master Plan.

CH2M Hill is using EADOC for the City of Bend Oregon’s Digester Upgrade Project.

Jacobs Engineering selected EADOC for the $21M North Creek Interceptor South Segment for Alderwood Water and Waste Water District. This is the second of two phases that Jacobs is using EADOC.

Little Rock National Airport selected EADOC to manage their 5 year $125M CIP program.

Swinerton Builders selected EADOC’s punch list feature to help them complete the final phase of the $450M UC Davis Med Center Project.

Western Municipal Water District selected EADOC to manage the 2320 Pressure Zone Tank 2 project and off site pipeline.

City of Santa Clarita selected EADOC for their $18M Golden Valley Road Bridge of the Santa Clara River.

City of Laramie selected EADOC to manage their 2009/2010 CIP program.

Gray and Osborne selected EADOC to manage North Shore Utility District’s 2009 CIP program.

New Features

Advanced email notifications - Users now have the option of defining document status options for their email notifications. This can be configured in the users profile.

Advanced email notifications

Project Notifications Module - Users can now add notifications to their project to alert users of project announcements. This new feature can be found under the Announcement tab located within the Help Section.

Project Notifications Module