Complete, Collaborative Construction Project Management for:

Construction Managers

  • Deliver client projects faster, for less
  • Reduce staff hours while increasing project control
  • See and share real-time financial performance with your clients without creating Excel reports
  • Reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage

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Facility Owners

  • Complete projects faster, for less
  • Effortlessly monitor project financial performance
  • Maintain detailed project documents and records without administrative staff
  • Track LEED points

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Integrate your entire team to reduce delays, risks and costs.

EADOC delivers portfolio, program and project management capabilities to facility owners, program managers, and construction managers in an easy-to-use, web-based system that can be customized to meet your needs.

“EADOC has met and exceeded our expectations, and we will continue to promote the use of EADOC on future projects.”

Glenn Granada  Senior Construction Manager, Swinerton Management & Consulting

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EADOC Events

2015 Construction CPM Conference

Three Full Days of Study and Training in CPM the Critical Path Method of Planning & Scheduling Analysis.

EADOC’s Eric Law speaking on Connecting Teams and Information with EADOC to Reduce Risk

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Recent Webinars

Construction Management in the Cloud

A Live EADOC Demo with Lee County Florida

A live demonstration of the EADOC capital project management system by Ayoub R. Al-Bahou, from Lee County’s Department of Facilities Construction & Management, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Eric Law.

Learn how Lee County switched from their old, home-grown CM approach—based on Excel spreadsheets and paper documents—to using a cloud-based system for improved collaboration, financial management and risk management.

Mr. Al-Bahou covers topics including: centralizing technical documents, project team collaboration, managing pay estimates, proposal requests, RFIs, submittals, architect supplemental instructions, and more.

Watch the webinar.

EADOC Webinars

Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Replacement

EADOC Increases Team Collaboration and Reduces the Review Time for RFIs and Submittals “EADOC addresses the need for immediate access to information. The web-based platform is great because you don’t need to be in your office to tap into your files. You can respond and receive information wherever you are.”...

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How Much is Your Free Time Worth? There are several new online calculators that are helping people put a monetary value on their free time. Regardless of what you think your time is worth, we want to help you have more of it. How? Say goodbye to mind-numbing Excel spreadsheets,...

Using a Tablet for Daily Logs

Can Daily Logs Be Fun? Try Using a Tablet Daily logs are a well-known part of construction management and an important way for owners and project managers to track the progress of their projects. Traditionally, an inspector takes written notes and shoots pictures with his camera or smartphone while on...

eadcoc whyWhy EADOC Leads The Construction Project Management Industry

  • Distributed administration allows your construction contractors, architects, engineers and other project participants to add and manage their own sub consultant and contractors on the project. EADOC enables truly collaborative construction management.
  • EADOC’s proprietary work flow engine automatically adds them to the process ensuring all work flow rules are followed. This increases the benefits of EADOC and delivers true collaboration resulting in tremendous time and cost savings.
  • Collaborative financial module allows contractors and consultants to submit their schedule of values, pay estimates, and change order proposals to you electronically on industry standard forms like the AIA G702 and G703 or the EJCDC C60. Your financial reports are updated as you simply review and approve these documents….more